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We Fight Aggressively to Restore Your Drivers License

Thinking of Hiring a Drivers License Lawyer to help fight to Restore Your Right to Drive?

If you face a potential California Suspended License by the DMV or if your California driver's license is already suspended, you will need an experienced and aggressive Drivers License Lawyer to help restore your drivers license.

We Also handle Driver's License suspension with the Department of Licensing in Washington State.

Waiting to Contact a Drivers License Lawyer may Cause your License to Suspend.

Certain Suspension Require Your Lawyer to Request a DMV Hearing within 10 days Of Notice of DMV's intent To Suspend

Failure to have your drivers license lawyer contact DMV within the allotted time will cause your license to suspend.  For more information, call 866-306-5306 to speak to your drivers license lawyer today.

Why is My Driver's

License Suspended?

There are several reasons why the California Department of Motor Vehicles suspends your license including an “Negligent Operator” action for having too many points on your driver’s license, suspensions due to warrants or failure to complete obligations to the court, suspensions due to LACK OF SKILL,” and "MEDICAL RE-EXAMINATION."

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I Can't Pay My Court Fines

Can You Get My License Back Without Paying the Fines?

You can't get your license back until you pay your court fines, period.

Instead, pay the fines with the money you would use to pay the attorney and ask the judge to convert the rest of the fines into community service.

Once you're done with either paying the fines you'll be able to get your drivers license back.

Why Hire a Drivers

License Attorney?

Dealing with the DMV is a confusing and frustrating process. DMV is constantly undergoing changes in both policy and law which leaves their own employees sometimes confused and unable to provide you with current and adequate information about what can be done about restoring your driver license privilege.

In DMV cases like these, it is essential to have an experienced DMV attorney handle your case.  DMV attorneys spend a great deal of time researching law changes and are current with DMV driver license policies.

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